Raheel Raza – Public Speaker, Media Consultant and Writer for newspapers. Originally from Pakistan, is now based in Toronto, her specialty is Islam and issues on Diversity.

Mella Gilheany-O’Neill – Human Resources consultant with extensive experience in Diversity and Organizational Development. International experience, solutions and technology transfer, leaving you with tools and processes to maintain the initiatives.

Brenda Jean Lycett – Human Resources consultant specializing in Strategic Planning, Training, Innovative Partnerships and Programs, and Virtual Human Resources.


Maureen Geddes - Customized diversity management services and inspirational keynote speaking engagements. Co-author of “Expert Women Who Speak, Speak Out!”


Errol Lee – Errol’s recent concert appearances at schools in Canada and in the U.S. is having a tremendous positive impact on students' lives. His focus is students together against racism.


Paul Gorski's Site - A collection of resources and dialogue opportunities for educators, students, and activists, about education change. You can find a wide range of original, innovative educational resources for FREE including awareness-raising classroom activities, original articles and essays, resources related to multicultural education.



Tours that connect East and West Spirituality
Mainly to India, Nepal and Tibet. Workshop-oriented tours with authors of metaphysicalbooks.






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