Having diversity in the workforce brings together people with different capabilities, cultures and experiences, making your company a special place. Giving the message to your employees and your clients of your commitment to respecting and valuing them, makes you extraordinary. Be extraordinary.

Features of Multicultural Calendar 2005 include:

Lists Holy Days AND Cultural Festivals for each faith with explanations.

Important religious days are highlighted for employees' work schedules.

Each event is colour-coded to indicate a Schedule Alert day, cultural event and/or religious day.

One-page Summary Table of Religious days for quick cross-reference.

Index to reference religions, holidays and countries for easy cross-referencing.

United Nations days

12 ½ x 9 ½ wall calendar with 12 original ethnic artworks.

Support your message of diversity and use this calendar:

•  As your company calendar

•  To give to your clients to support your message

•  As giveaways at conventions and career fairs

•  To present to speakers

•  As an appreciation gift to participants in diversity initiative workshops

•  For managers and heads of departments to increase their awareness

•  For fundraising

•  As holiday gifts

Some of our clients are:

Royal Bank of Canada

Bell Mobility

Bank of Canada

John Hopkins University

World Bank

Edinboro University, Pennsylvania

Educational Testing Services

El Monte City School, California


Boulder County, Colorado



Johnson & Johnson

Exxon Exploration

Johnson Controls Ltd.


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